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Luxury Hotel Tent Series

Model: YS-01-A

Building Area: 62.2 ㎡

Bedroom Area: 34.8 ㎡

Structure Type: Steel

Roof Material: PVC

Wall Material:Fiberboard



Part AMain Structure : PVC fabric roof, Fiber cement board, Tempered glass door&window, Light steel keel background wall frame, Bamboo wood fiberboard veneer, Wooden floor, SPC floor.

Floor toilet floor, floor moisture-proof mat, exhaust fan, smart door lock, lamp switch, Bathroom.

Part B- Equipment: water heater and air conditioner

Part C- Furniture : bed box, mattress, sofa, coffee table, curtain, bedside table, coat rack, curtain.

Part D- Platform part: light steel frame beam, anti-corrosion wood floor, steel cable wood railing, anti-corrosion wood step.

Part E- Pile foundation: hollow steel column foundation pile.


Interior Style:

Shoulder Tent has a professional soft decoration design team, and were able to provide "Nordic style, Bauhaus style, Zen style, American pastoral style, Middle Eastern style, Southeast Asian style, original style" and other soft decoration packages.

Special soft decoration design customization can also be provided for Party A’s projects.



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