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To solve the problem of narrow space caused by limited land resources

Engineer’s words

As thedesigning engineer of shoulder, we think that the most difficult place of double-deck tent product design which is to solve the stability of the internal and external structure problem.

With professional engineer designing and rich experience, shouldercan easily solve the technical problems of double-deck tent and to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Shoulder double-decker tent is very stable, and the second floor and the covered stairs give us very strong, stable impression, we do not need to worry about the stability .On the other hand, the arc design of the double-decker tent is also very beautiful, and very eye-catching.
  • Recently, we need to build a gymnasium. After communicating with the Shoulder tent for a long time, we finally decided to adopt the form of the double-decker tent they suggested. Considering the limited space, we can increase the area of our site by double-layer tents.
  • From construction to using, we are very satisfied with shoulder tent, with huge tent space and luxurious matching, shoulder tent make our activities perfect and memorable.