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Make all sport events go ahead as planned

Engineer’s words

The construction of large outdoor sports tent is consistent with the other large tents, which in order tokeep safety andaesthetics of the tent. At the same time, the tent is equipped with complete air circulation system to make the sportsman inside more comfortable.

  • The golf course lounge tent provides customers a great place for relax. VIP players can exercise, chat, talk and have a lot of relaxing services here.Shoulder sports tents offer more possibilities to our customers.
  • I buy a badminton courthouse with Shoulder because of their actual cases and the high customer satisfaction. Compared with the price of the steel frame, we don't have to worry about the safety of the tent. Meanwhile, the matching ventilation design is also reasonable.
  • The space is large, the space utilization rate is high, and it is safe and stable. It has been used for 5 years without any problems.Good product, recommend!