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Large or small, flexible control, make up for the lack of space in the main stadium

Engineer’s words

As the engineering designer of shoulder, we think that the most difficultpoint of large exhibition tent design which is to solve the safety and stability problem. Shoulder exhibition tentnot onlycan ensure the product application is 100% safety and stability, but also can ensurethe beautiful appearance of the tent.

The goal of shoulder tent is to be the best and professional tent supplier in tent industry.

  • My friend recommend me shoulder tent, because they have more practical cases in the exhibition industry. We purchased a 500m2 area in the first stage, after the construction, the tent is impeccable and practical. We will make another order from shoulder tent next show.
  • The exhibition tents are mainly used for temporary exhibitions. We have higher standard for the disassembly and assembly. Shoulder exhibition tents are fully equipped to meet our exhibition needs, quick installation, quick disassembly, time saving, and light weight.
  • Every service staff of Shoulder tent is very professional. From purchasing, shipping, receiving, installing and using, all the services are worth recommending. Shoulder tent can solve any problems we ask in the first time. I like their professionals and services.