​How to Choose Your Best Tent

Tents market come to China isn’t for a long time.Though many customers are interested in tents, and they indeed need topurchase it.But face so many tent suppliers,how should they choose their best tent? let me tell you.

It are Threepoints and three comparisons.


First point:look at its Aluminum Alloy,if it is with good gloss in appearance,if it is Oxidated,or Scrubed.

Secondpoint:Look at the PVC fabric,if it is match the thickness it writes.

Third point:look at its Steel connector,if the steel it is hot galvanization,if the structure is Strong.

Three comparisons:

First:Same quality,if price is competitive.

Seond:If the tent is Strong,andbeautiful

Third: Service after sales,if itsquality has warrant

So After these three points and comparisons, Buyers will find their satisfied tent finally.