Shoulder tent is a professional tent manufacturer

As dome tent products become more and more mature, and they currently perform quite well in many outdoor activities, so dome tents are sought after by more and more companies. Where can we customize the dome tents in the market?

Due to the high professional and production technology requirements of dome tents, there are not many manufacturers on the market that can provide these customized tents. As a large global tent manufacturer, Shoulder tents have been innovating and developing dome tents. To provide our customers with professional dome tents customized!


A variety of sizes:

Shoulder dome tents have various sizes,the diameter is from 3m to 40m. To meet your diverse requirements, we also can provide a variety of materials such as: PVC , PC boards in various colors, transparent glass, etc.

A variety of packages to meet your demand:

Shoulder tent can prepare complete tent supporting plans for you according to the activities you apply. In addition to providing you with a complete set of basic tents, we can also print and print your brand information or event information on the fabric to enhance the effect of your outdoor activities.

Multiple ways of cooperation:

Shoulder tents can provide a variety of cooperation methods for dome tents. In addition to purchasing customized dome tents of different specifications, we can also provide a lower cost rental method of dome tents. And except that, If you want to buy our dome tent in stock, we can sell you with a second-hand tent at a low price. Although it is a second-hand tent, but we always maintain and the quality can be guaranteed.